Monday, October 04, 2004

Male Birth Control Pills

I enjoyed this rant so much that i just had to post it in its entirety.
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What took so long?

* No corporate interest.
* Might not be safe.
* Population control not an issue in the U.S.
* Religious conservatism.

Know what I just love? and I am being sarcastic... How conservative men, who run this country, run the corporations, run the pharmaceutical companies, belong to the sex that is halfway responsible for pro-creation, want to just plop to the whole issue of reproduction on women. Then when women agree to take control of their bodies, the same men are outraged and go to great lengths to ban abortions. feh.

The big pharm companies are making such a killing making female birth control pills, which have side effects galore that it's no wonder that most women don't use them, they didn't think that it was necessary to invent a male birth control pill. It's easier to dump all the ills on women, isn't it? Enlightened Europeans took the initiative and I hope it screws up the US pharmaceutical corporations when they lose out on the big money there is to be made. Sure the male birth control pill might have side effects too. Deal.

The big pharms invented viagra though. We've got serious illnesses to deal with, cancers and AIDs, the abortion issue that drives people insane and yet male potency takes center stage. Why not invent an alternate viagra with birth control built in? I cannot believe that all men with erectile dysfunction are just dying to have kids. Bob Dole obviously wasn't. I am not complaining about men with bigger, harder, well you know... but my point is this and it's ironic:

We've got these so-called conservative "christians" running the country. They are decidedly anti-abortion and even anti-condom although it can actually save lives and cut down abortions by about 90% if they were utilized. duh These same so-called conservative "christians" running the country are very pro-corporations, especially the big pharmaceutical corporations who push viagra, cialis, all those brands on men to make them more "potent" oy yet it's no secret that men who want to be more "potent" are doing it for fun. I mean come on, when there are fertility problems with couples, the men aren't issued viagra. Here take this you stud...

And who are the people going to such great lengths to stop abortions in this country? So-called conservative "christian" men who will do nothing to stop big pharmaceutical companies from raking in billions. Remember the smirk chimp sitting there with all the men at the table for the photo-op while he tried to sign away women's rights? Did you see any women in that picture? It almost makes you want to get pregnant and have an abortion, those pricks.

I wonder how many of those geezers use viagra? They are against condoms they say because birth control is wrong. What a bunch of dirty filthy hypocrites. The only reason I can think of as to why these so-called conservative "christian" men would go to such great lengths to ban abortion is because they need more poor people to fight their dirty stinking oil wars. It would be so easy to just promote birth control wouldn't it? Do these assclowns think that women enjoy having abortions and that's why women are fighting for their right to do so? No it's because men are just so hard and sexy that we just can't resist

It's making my head explode. Sure, women should do more to make sure that they don't get pregnant in the first place but shit happens. Maybe the conception happened on a day or night when neither one of the parties were expecting to have sex. I think it's happened once or twice.

I'm sorry that men don't like to use condoms, I never minded them, but hey if you're an anti-abortion man reading this, and you think abortion is murder, it would behoove you to start an ad campaign and flood the airwaves with pro-condom commercials. Screw the religious bullshit. Do you want there to be an end to abortions? Then stop unwanted pregnancy. Push for the male birth control pill to come to America. People having "illicit" sex is not a condition of modern times. It has been going on forever. This is nothing new. I wouldn't even care if you if you blamed the whole thing on those horrible sexy women who make you bulge and lose control of yourselves for 15 seconds of pleasure. Just do something and take some responsibility if you really want to make abortions less common.

If men were on the pill or would use condoms, can you imagine how low the abortion rate would be? Imagine how many teenage girls who had big plans to save the world someday had to put their hopes and dreams aside to raise kids by themselves because the boy had to go on to college and make something of HIMself? Until then, I say to so-called conservative "christian" men who want to take away control of a woman's body, "Stop being so darned gorgeous and sexy with your great big viagra induced bulges that take our collective breath away because we just cannot control ourselves when you are around. Have mercy on us! Please please please just take control of your reproductive seed if you don't want to have babies because we cannot resist your charms. When you don't call us the next day or ever... what other choice do we have as we don't make as much money as you do, we may live in a shitty school district or in abject poverty, might not have health care benefits and can't afford to have a baby. Oh please have mercy Mr Man!"

Disclaimer: Oops I went off on a rant. Blogs are just made for this sort of stuff aren't they? Most of the men who read this blog are progressive and will not take offense to my ravings. Please encourage your male friends to have sex responsibly. I am doing the same with my female friends of reproductive age. Just because we are pro-choice doesn't mean that we want women to use abortion as birth control when it's much easier to avoid getting pregnant in the first place. This is the article that got me going.

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