Friday, November 21, 2008

friday reads

Friendly Fire Coverup: Army shreds documents of soldiers deaths

In the first ruling of its kind, a federal judge ordered the speedy release Thursday of five Algerian men after concluding the government didn't have the evidence to hold them for nearly seven years in Guantanamo Bay prison. (Glenn Greenwald has more)

The Taliban, Uganda, Cuba and the United States

Couture inspired by Dick Cheney.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

thursday reads

Krugman on Auto Bridge Failure

Laura Rozen: The Adventures of a K Street Commando

The number of Americans who applied for unemployment benefits for the first time hit a 16-year high last week.

Britons lose their national pastime.

Waxman defeats Dingell.

Tomgram: A Consumer's Paradise of War

Senators give distinguised convicted felon a standing ovation.

Occams Hatchet: Tell you what: you define "marriage," I'll define "God"

Faced with ongoing criticism of what many believe is a flawed system, representatives from the Bowl Championship Series assured college football fans Wednesday that the NCAA football title picture becomes much less complicated when one simply pretends certain teams do not exist. (America's Finest News Source)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

wednesday reads

An Indian warship destroyed a pirate "mother vessel" in the Gulf of Aden, the navy said Wednesday, as bandits demanded a ransom for a Saudi super-tanker seized in the most daring sea raid yet.

Uncle Toobz loses Senate seat.

Texas has become a major hub for human trafficking, state officials said Monday while proposing a more aggressive response to what a senior lawmaker described as "modern-day slavery."

Nick Turse: A My Lai a Month

Cheney and Gonzales Indicted for Prisoner Abuse

LIFE photo archive

Glenn Greenwald: Has there been too much bipartisanship or too little?