Friday, March 21, 2008

friday reads

Dash-cam videos that appear to show South Carolina highway troopers twice using their cars as weapons to run down black suspects have sparked a federal investigation and public outrage this week.

Nick Turse: The Golden Age of the Military-Entertainment Complex

Carl T. Bogus: Praying for a Second Shot on the Second Amendment

Paul Krugman Partying Like It's 1929

Three State Department contractors improperly accessed Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama's passport records beginning in January, department officials said Thursday night, and an investigation into their motives and backgrounds is under way.

PZ Meyers is expelled from a screening of...Expelled.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

wednesday reads

Washington Monthly: NO MORE. No Torture. No Exceptions.

Juan Cole: Five years of Iraq lies

Robert Fisk: The only lesson we ever learn is that we never learn.

Army Holds Annual 'Bring Your Daughter To War' Day

driftglass: When Your Enemies Are Your Leaders

David Corn: Obama tries to show the nation a pathway to a society free of racial gridlock and denial.

Scott Horton: The Assault on Public Integrity Continues

Walter Brasch: It's a Welfare State - If You're Rich

RIP Arthur C Clarke

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

tuesday reads

The Independent: China prepares for crackdown by clearing Tibetan capital of witnesses

McClatchy: Tibetan refugees brave the Nangpa pass. ...“the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib was de facto United States policy. The authorization of torture and the decriminalization of cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of captives in wartime have been among the defining legacies of the current Administration.”

Dahr Jamail: IRAQ: Five Years, And Counting

AlterNet: How to Become a Concentration Camp Guard Without Even Trying

BBC: Tent cities spring up in LA

Monday, March 17, 2008

monday reads

Sunshine Week 2008: March 16-22

The homeless population of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina has reached unprecedented levels for a U.S. city: one in 25 residents.

Spencer Ackerman: Soldiers Testify at Second Winter Soldier

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad in Baghdad: Death, destruction and fear on the streets of cafes, poets and booksellers

Patrick Cockburn: How to Destroy a Country in Five Years

United Nations police in Kosovo have been forced to withdraw from Serbian areas in the divided city of Mitrovica after clashes with Serb demonstrators.

Scott Horton: The Case of the Amazing Vanishing Corruption Investigation

Greg Palast: Eliot's Mess

Susie Bright: Why WASPs Stand By Their (Cheatin') Man

Muff Thumper found not guilty. (via Lead Jammer)

sxsw - day last

Finally Punk


Unfortunately no photos from these great sets (some idiot forgot to recharge camera batteries...)

Mika Miko

The 18th show at SXSW by The Mae Shi

CPC Gangbangs I might as well throw in photos of Zooey, Sharin and Lykke

Sunday, March 16, 2008

sxsw - day four

The Jealous Girlfriends

Bodies of Water

Film School

Lykke Li