Sunday, January 15, 2006

mercenary of the oligarchy vs. Rollergirl

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DALLAS 1/13/2006 - Muff Thumper from Assassination City Derby was skating down the street handing out flyers in Deep Ellum. A cop pulled her over to give her a ticket. A crowd stared to gather and more police were called in. What I hear is that she got distracted and took her hands off of the police car. The cop got pissed, she got an attitude...

She had to get stiches and spent the day in jail, but other than that, she seems to be ok.

The incident was totally senseless and unnecessary. There were plenty of witnesses. Legal action will most likey be taken. (Rollergirls from across the country are already talking about a legal fund.

UPDATE: WFAA(subscription)
UPDATE 2: Video / WFAA story(subscription)

The Dallas police officer accused of using excessive force while placing a female roller skating on Elm Street under arrest Saturday is not a stranger to such allegations, according to police records.

The Dallas Police Department has launched an internal affairs investigation into the scuffle that occurred between Officer Ceaphus Gordon and Michelle Metzinger, a 25-year-old roller derby skater for Assassination City.

However, it will not be the department's first look into the 15-year Dallas police veteran's actions.

Police records show since 1994 there have been at least six allegations of excessive force, physical abuse or assault.

Gordon has been disciplined twice for escalating or participating in a disturbance and once for conduct discrediting the department.


Anonymous said...

F***ing cop looks like a steroid abuser and took out his 'roid rage' on someone who had very little ability to defend herself. What next, the swat team comes for grandma 'cause she parked too far from the curb?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is not wist to "give the cop attitude" when in the process of being ticketed.