Friday, October 10, 2008

2008 WFTDA Eastern Regionals


#1 - Gotham Girls Roller Derby
#2 - Carolina Rollergirls
#3 - Windy City Rollers
#4 - Philly Rollergirls
#5 - Detroit Derby Girls
#6 - Charm City Rollergirls
#7 - Boston Derby Dames
#8 - Mad Rollin' Dolls
#9 - Minnesota Roller Girls
#10 - Grand Raggidy Roller Girls
#11 - Cincinnati Rollergirls
#12 - Providence Derby Girls


Friday October 10
8:00am Game 1 Madison 143 vs Minnesota 67
9:45am Game 2 Boston 131 vs Grand Raggidy 30
11:30am Game 3 Detroit 124 vs Providence 70
1:15pm Game 4 Charm City 158 vs Cincinnati 83
3:00pm Game 5 Providence 21 vs Grand Raggidy 136 (Consolation)
4:45pm Game 6 Cincinnati 89 vs Minnesota 58 (Consolation)
6:30pm Game 7 Madison 70 vs Gotham 138
8:15pm Game 8 Boston 75 vs Carolina 77
10:00pm ---- After Parties!

Saturday October 11
8:00am Game 9 Detroit 92 vs Philly 102
9:45am Game 10 Charm City 76 vs Windy 137
11:30am Game 11 Cincinnati 76 vs Boston 131 (Consolation)
1:15pm Game 12 Madison 120 vs Grand Raggidy 73 (Consolation)
3:00pm Game 13 Minnesota 143 vs Providence 16 (Consolation)
4:45pm Game 14 Detroit 84 vs Charm City 105 (Consolation)
6:30pm Game 15 Gotham 96 vs Philly 91 (Semi-Final)
8:15pm Game 16 Windy City 106 vs Carolina 66 (Semi-Final)
10:00pm ---- After Parties!

Sunday October 12
10:00am Game 17 Cincinnati 102 vs Grand Raggidy 58 (Consolation)
12:00pm Game 18 Boston 90 vs Madison 88 (Consolation)
2:00pm Game 19 Philly 112 vs Carolina 48 (Third Place)
4:00pm Game 20 Gotham 133 vs Windy City 92 (Championship)
6:00pm ---- Awards
7:00pm ---- After Parties!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I love this sport

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Western Regionals: Capsule Recaps

Eastern Regional: Previewing the Top Seeds

UPDATED: Eastern Regional: The Opening Bouts

The City Pages has a good story on tryouts for the Minnesota Roller Girls.

But as I watched them celebrate their new members and prepare for the October 18 season opener, it all made sense. These women are hardcore, and not just because they beat each other up on roller skates. From their ramshackle beginning in 2005 to the professional athletes they are today, people have always found the Roller Girls appealing for the same reason: They make no apologies for being themselves.

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Collateral damage in Wall Street, Afghan wars

A 20-year game of Telephone

Scott Horton: DOJ Goes Long for Sarah Palin

The Republican base

Cook County sheriff to stop enforcing evictions.

Hee hee hee

US rock band the Foo Fighters have told John McCain to stop using song My Hero in his presidential campaign, saying it "tarnishes" the track.

Get your 2009 Zombie Pinup Calendar today.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Stupid Vote

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"But it's a coup already."

That One

McC's Corner: Well folks, I choked

Asshole gets deported

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Swiftboaters for McCain

Gen. JC Christian, Patriot

monday reads

In 1998, five Cuban men were arrested for infiltrating groups in the US that were plotting attacks on Cuba. They have not received a fair trial and two have not seen their families since.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says he wants to withdraw his country's elite KSK force from Afghanistan. The troops are participating in the US-led "Enduring Freedom," but they haven't been used in three years.

Austin police detonated a backpack Sunday afternoon after a man left it at the North Austin Muslim Community Center and claimed it contained explosives.

Hurricane Ike's winds and massive waves destroyed oil platforms, tossed storage tanks and punctured pipelines. The environmental damage only now is becoming apparent: At least a half million gallons of crude oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico and the marshes, bayous and bays of Louisiana and Texas, according to an analysis of federal data by The Associated Press.

Election Protection Wiki

No Child Left Behind

KEATING ECONOMICS: The story of John McCain and the making of a financial crisis.