Friday, September 15, 2006

friday random ten

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1. "D.I.Y." - Peter Gabriel [Peter Gabriel II (Scratch)]
2. "Get It Now" - Rhythm Pigs [An American Activity EP]
3. "Alcohol" - Cansei de Ser Sexy [Cansei de Ser Sexy review]
4. "Sonic Reducer" - Dead Boys [Young, Loud and Snotty ((8-track)]
5. "Understanding Traffic" - Troubled Hubble [Penturbia review]
6. "Wasted Life" - Stiff Little Fingers [Inflammable Material review]
7. "II" - Sonic Youth + IPC + The Ex [In the Fishtank #9 review]
8. "Reformed Arsonist Seeks Child Bride" - mclusky [mcluskyism (disc 3) review]
9. "You Are My Only Home" - The Magnetic Fields [69 Love Songs (Volume 2) review]
10. "Shoulders & Arms" - Tokyo Police Club [A Lesson In Crime EP review]

Video Bonus: Naked City - [Torture Garden]


"Thrash Jazz Assassin"

"Sack Of Shit"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

"Goddamn, Austin is awesome."

Gorilla vs. Bear's Austin Mixtape

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1. White Denim - Let's Talk About It
2. Maya Bond - Cute Papa
3. Belaire - Through The Wire (Kanye West cover)
4. The Early Tapes - Betty & Thomas
5. Jana Hunter - A Bright Ass Light
6. Bill Baird - Dear Friend (Collapsing Dominoes)
7. Sparrow House - When I Am Gone
8. Peter & The Wolf - The Fall
9. The Black - Wasn't It A Good Year
10. Zykos - Keep It Light
11. Martin Crane - On An Evening
12. Mark David Ashworth - eggslkjgdfasdlevel
13. Tacks, The Boy Disaster - Paris
14. Ola Podrida - Jordanna
15. Brothers and Sisters - Going South
16. Pink Nasty - What the Fuck
17. Yellow Fever - Donovan
18. The Octopus Project - Spiracle
19. Jracula - Carpopolis
20. Ghostland Observatory - Silver City

Exquisite Derby Corpse

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Ann Richards (1933-2007)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

wednesday morning reads

Billmon - The Marching Morons

TRex - For God's Sake Please Please Please Shut Up

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Watch out for the Rumsfeld

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Play Operation Remove Bush's Cabinet

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Glenn Greenwald

John Yoo summarizes the last 5 years in two short sentences

Bob Egelko has an interesting article in The San Francisco Chronicle today examining how U.S. law has changed over the last five years as a result of the 9/11 attack. He includes this truly revealing quote from John Yoo:
UC Berkeley law Professor John Yoo, who as a Justice Department lawyer was one of the Bush administration's chief legal theorists, summarized its view in his forthcoming book, "War by Other Means":

"We are used to a peacetime system in which Congress enacts the laws, the president enforces them, and the courts interpret them. In wartime, the gravity shifts to the executive branch.''

Actually, I'm pretty sure that it's always the case in America (or at least it used to be) that "Congress enacts the laws, the president enforces them, and the courts interpret them." That's pretty fundamental to how our country works. In fact, the whole structure of the Constitution is based on that system -- not just the "Peacetime Constitution" we have, but the actual Constitution itself.

The Constitution is actually pretty clear on that score. Article I says "All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States" -- Article II says the President "shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed" -- Article III says "the judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in . . . inferior Courts." That arrangement isn't really a side detail or something that shifts based on circumstance. It's pretty fundamental to the whole system. In fact, if you change that formula, it isn't really the American system of government anymore.

Monday, September 11, 2006

thought of the day

"To devastate by language, to blow up the word and with it the world." E.M. Cioran

Shit...I wish. Is it only me, or has the whole world lost it's fricking mind? Break downs, break ins, break ups, conniptions, heat sickness. Every time I pick up the phone, read an email, run into someone on the street, another mind numbing catastrophe is related which attempts to blot out my hard fought sanity. Right... like I'm supposed to be the sane one. Maybe not, but I still have a desperate need to try to make sense of this bullshit.

Maybe our individual personal torment is just a reflection of History's madness. All suffering is about the imbalance of power. And who, when confronted with the blatant insanity that is passed off as the norm everyday, isn't feeling their power, their vitality, their life force being sucked on by the vipers who grin like monkeys from the idiot box while spewing their mind- fucking doublespeak proclaiming progress and victory when the facts scream out in complete opposition.

Each and every day the arrogant behavior of the greedy brutarians in the US Government are responsible for the soul murder of over 2 million American prisoners (and uncounted foreign 'suspects' in suspended animation in their highly illegal secret prisons), the enslavement of 47 million mostly hard working people still living below the poverty level trying to make ends meet on minimum wage, the ridiculous expenditure and extravagant waste of taxpayers dollars to fund outlandish wars fought in the name of democracy and freedom, right, like anyone voted on that...

Yeah I take this shit personal.

Consider the thought of re-incarnation as the ability to dissect the secret history inherent in our genetic coding and the many atrocities which have polluted our bloodlines. Contemplate suffering from an acute awareness. an oversensitivity to geography and the army of ghosts that litter the landscape who have given their lives, leeched of blood by the whims of soul suckers who denigrate life by celebrating death. Pretend that every step you take, every stairwell, room, street, has absorbed the lives, deaths, loves, fears, arguments and heartbreaks of everyone and everything that has come before you and your job is to give voice to this nightmare. If it sounds melodramatic to you, it murders me on a minute to minute basis. So's that personal to me.

Everyday is either the anniversary of another horrible tragedy, or it's a celebration that we survived to thrive and spite the odds yet again. So laugh a little, cry a little, die a little and live to be reborn daily.

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