Friday, September 29, 2006

Opposition Party

Stephen Colbert


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Senate backs Bush's terror tribulnal plan.
House approves warrantless wiretapping.

friday random ten

Photo by Ryan McManus

1. "Dancing" - Bauhaus [Press Eject and Give Me the Tape]
2. "Bright Paper Werewolves" - Guided By Voices [Under the Bushes Under the Stars]
3. "Halber Mensch" - Einstürzende Neubauten [Halber Mensch]
4. "Deliverance" - The Radio Dept. [This Past Week EP]
5. "This Modern Love" - Bloc Party [Silent Alarm]
6. "Red Angel Dragnet" - The Clash [Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg]
7. "Boring Sunday" - Pez Stomp
8. "Pop Art Documentry" - The Yummy Fur [Kinky Cinema]
9. "Water of Love" - Dire Straits [Dire Straits]
10. "Spying Glass" - Massive Attack [187 Soundtrack]

Bonus #11: "Grun Grun" - Willard Grant Conspiracy + Telefunk [In the Fishtank #8]

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Red-letter day for the USA


Today's Senate vote on President Bush's detainee legislation, after House approval yesterday, marks a defining moment for this nation.

How far from our historic and Constitutional values are we willing to stray? How mercilessly are we willing to treat those we suspect to be our enemies? How much raw, unchecked power are we willing to hand over to the executive?

The legislation before the Senate today would ban torture, but let Bush define it; would allow the president to imprison indefinitely anyone he decides falls under a wide-ranging new definition of unlawful combatant; would suspend the Great Writ of habeas corpus; would immunize retroactively those who may have engaged in torture. And that's just for starters.

It's a red-letter day for the country. It's also a telling day for our political system.

The people have lost confidence in their president. Despite that small recent uptick in the polls, Bush remains deeply unpopular with the American public, mistrusted by a majority, widely considered out of touch with the nation's real priorities.

But he's still got Congress wrapped around his little finger.

Jack Cafferty
President Bush is trying to pardon himself. Here’s the deal: Under the War Crimes Act, violations of the Geneva Conventions are felonies, in some cases punishable by death. When the Supreme Court ruled that the Geneva Convention applied to al Qaeda and Taliban detainees, President Bush and his boys were suddenly in big trouble. They’ve been working these prisoners over pretty good. In an effort to avoid possible prosecution they’re trying to cram this bill through Congress before the end of the week before Congress adjourns. The reason there’s such a rush to do this? If the Democrats get control of the House in November this kind of legislation probably wouldn’t pass.

You wanna know the real disgrace about what these people are about to do or are in the process of doing? Senator Bill Frist and Congressman Dennis Hastert and their Republican stooges apparently don’t see anything wrong with this. I really do wonder sometimes what we’re becoming in this country.

Glenn Greenwald
There really is no other way to put it. Issues of torture to the side (a grotesque qualification, I know), we are legalizing tyranny in the United States. Period. Primary responsibility for this fact lies with the authoritarian Bush administration and its sickeningly submissive loyalists in Congress. That is true enough. But there is no point in trying to obscure that fact that it's happening with the cowardly collusion of the Senate Democratic leadership, which quite likely could have stopped this travesty via filibuster if it chose to (it certainly could have tried).


...The arguments being advanced in support of this bill, and the people advancing them, are not just craven and un-Americans but also just plain dumb. Listening to the "debate" is like listening to nails against a chalkboard. The whole process is so broken and corrupt, but what other type of process could produce a bill like this?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

kadie mix

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1. "Too Much Space To Walk Away" - Avocadoclub
2. "In My Head" - The Ballet
3. "The Way You Say Good Night" - The Magnetic Fields
4. "Drawing To a Hole" - The Clean
5. "Charm School" - Bishop Allen
6. "Fine Day For Sailing" - Go Sailor
7. "From Across the Sea" - Jeniferever
8. "This Boy" - I'm From Barcelona
9. "Coastlines are Landmines" - The Light Footwork
10. "En vän med en bil" - Håkan Hellström
11. "Little Things (That Tear Us Apart) - Irene
12. "Sally O'Gannon" - The Tamborines
13. "The Only Stars" - National Park
14. "I Love You, Blowtorch Eyes" - She, Sir
15. "Mental" - Pipas
16. "Psychogirl" - Jens Lekman
17. "Your Summer Dress" - Dirty On Purpose
18. "Walkie Talkie" - Vervein
19. "Mathematics" - Jetpack UK
20. "A l´été de la Saint-Martin ´68" - Miou Miou
21. "Rope" - The Sewing Room
22. "Voiture En Rouge" - The Black Heart Procession & Solbakken

Art Edjumacation in 'Murka

FRISCO, Texas -- An award-winning Texas art teacher who was reprimanded after one of her fifth-grade students saw a nude sculpture during a trip to a museum has lost her job.

The school board in Frisco has voted not to renew Sydney McGee's contract after 28 years. She has been on administrative leave.

The teacher took her students on an approved field trip to a Dallas museum, and now some parents are upset.

The Fisher Elementary School art teacher came under fire last April when she took 89 fifth-graders on a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. Parents raised concerns over the field trip after their children reported seeing a nude sculpture at the art museum.

The parents had signed permission slips allowing their children to take part in the field trip.

No Goblets of Fire allowed

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Homeless World Cup - Day One

Day One Scores

South Africa 2:1 Chile

England 11:1 Hong-Kong

Ghana 4:3 Zambia

Rwanda 1:0 Finland

France 3:0 Burundi

Liberia 3:2 Zimbabwe

Ireland 4:1 Norway

Australia 2:4 Germany

Italy 1:5 Namibia

Netherlands 6:0 Spain

Poland 3:1 Argentina

Estonia 3:0 Uganda

Hungary 1:3 Chile

Serbia 3:0 Kazakhstan

Ukraine 5:0 Slovakia

Austria 1:1 Canada - (Austria Wins On Penalties)

Scotland 3:5 Czech Republic

Portugal 10:1 Sweden

Lithuania 1:3 Afghanistan

Denmark 8:4 USA

Kenya 2:2 Nigeria - (Kenya Wins On Penalties)

Mexico 6:1 Paraguay

Cameroon 3:0 Malawi

Russia 3:0 Switzerland

our damn librul media


Attaturk calls attention to this weeks cover of Newsweek: