Friday, September 16, 2005

friday morning reads

Shakespeares Sister - Be Nice to the Ladies and Increase Your Life Expectancy!

Amanda Marcotte - The Shame of Blaming the Victims

The Heretik - The Second Battle of New Orleans

friday elfgirl blogging

erin+raya: saturday morning
Originally uploaded by Mr. Snake-in-the-Grass, Part II.

700 Women

Sign the petition to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Get Your War On

Katrina Edition

Atlanta Rollergirls Second Bout

Atlanta Rollergirls

The flat track Atlanta Rollergirls will skate this Sunday, September 18th.

The Apocalyptix vs. Denim Demons vs. Sake Tuyas

Sunday, September 18.

All American Skating Center, Stone Mountain, GA.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

Doors open at 6 pm, bout at 7 pm.

Please visit the Atlanta Rollergirls website for more info.

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Rocky Mountain Rollergirls

The flat track Rocky Mountain Rollergirls will skate this Saturday, September 17th.

It's a grudge match betweem the Red Ridin' Hoods and the Sugar Kill Gang.

Saturday, September 17.

Bladium Sports Club, 2400 Cenral Park Blvd., Denver, CO.

Tickets are $11 in advance, $13 at the door.

7 pm.

Please visit the Rocky Montain Rollergirls website for more info.

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Windy City Rollers Bout Recap

Photos by Nervous Jay

Windy City Rollers bout recap by Max Minor


The Manic Attackers brought megatons of maladjusted mayhem Sunday night, but could not combat Motha' Nature, as Helles Belle gazelle Quiet Storm ran rampant, repeatedly ripping the roof off the rink, in what many consider to be the best bout of the season.

Like Santa, Attackers Val Capone and Mo Vengeance made their presence known early, bouncing checks off Hell's Belles superstars Quiet Storm and Varla Vendetta. Physicality flowed freely, resulting in right-away ruckus, featuring Attacker Sidney Vicious and Hell's Belle Penny Royalty. Belle Belle Diablo repeatedly rained retribution on the previously penalized predator Vicious.

As the end of the half approached, Attacker up-and-comer Ying O' Fire proved she's one to watch, scoring several precious points. But Hell's Belle behemoth Anita Bier brought the brewery, setting a hard pick for any Attacker in reach..

The second half began with the Attackers leading 37-34. Although trailing throughout, the Belles kept close, utilizing speed, smarts and Storm.

With only two minutes left, The Attackers still led, 72-67, thanks to jammers Tex Ann, Ying O'Fire and Mo Vengeance. But the Belles stuck with what works, keeping Quiet Storm on the floor for the last three jams of the bout. With only 20 seconds left, the Belles needed only one point to tie.

It was Storm versus Vengeance, as both swerved skillfully through the pack. As the final whistle blew, the score remained unknown. When the dust settled, Storm once again proved superior, leading the Belles to their third straight victory, 79-78.


Crippled by injuries, The Fury brought knives to a gunfight, getting trounced early and often by the recently rejuvenated Double Crossers.

Despite valiant efforts from Fury captain Crimson Crusher and red-hot rookie Elektra Fire, The Fury could not make up for the plethora of points normally scored by sidelined sensation Hurricaine Charlie and bad girl bruiser Juanna Rumble.

The Crossers looked sharp Sunday, rolling to a previously unattained victory. Crosser Captain Ana Mission was on a mission, setting the tone and pace early. Crossers Lucy Ferr and Courtney Shove had the bouts of their lives, using every opportunity to score and floor their opponents.

Their victory never in doubt, The Crossers looked razor sharp, keeping the Fury trailing on the rink and on the board.

With the return of two of their biggest stars still in question, it is clear The Fury must rebuild quickly or expect a long and daunting playoffs, as their opponents continue to turn up the heat.

An elusive victory under their belt, Ana Mission and her Crossers may have created the momentum they need to become serious contenders in the battle for quad queen supremacy .

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fuck Everyone But Me

Driftglass on the modern GOP.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Rat City Semi-Finals


The Rat City Rollergirls will skate their first season semi-finals this Saturaday, September 17th.

The Sockit Wenches will take on the Derby Liberation Front in the first bout.

The second match features the Throttle Rockets scrapping with Grave Danger.

Saturday, September 17.
Magnuson Park, Hanger 27 - 7400 Sandpoint Way NE
Tickets are $15.
Doors open at 5 pm, bout at 6 pm.

Please visit the Rat City Rollergirls website fgor more info.

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Tucson Roller Derby Championship Bout

The flat track Tucson Roller Derby will have their second season Championship Bout this Saturday, September 17th.

The VICE Squad will attempt to knock off the reigning champions the Furious Truckstop Waitresses.

Saturday, September 17.


Tickets are $8 in advance, $10 at the door.

Door open at 6:30 pm, bout at 7 pm.

Please visit the Tucson Roller Derby website for more info.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Bombshells vs. Mayhem

gotham girls september 16, 2005

The flat track Gotham Girls Roller Derby will skate an elimination bout this Friday, September, 16th.

The Brooklyn Bombshells will battle against the Manhattan Mayhem for a place in the Championship Bout.

Friday, September 16.
Skate Key, 220 E. 138th Street in the Bronx.
Doors open at 7:30 pm, bout at 8:30 pm.
Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.

Visit the Gotham Girls Roller Derby website for more info.

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brown, mike brown

sign the petition

We, the undersigned, petition Sony Pictures to hire FEMA Director Michael D. Brown to play the role of James Bond in your remake of Casino Royale.

Mike Brown's acting skills are without peer. For the last five years, he has played the parts of FEMA Director, FEMA Deputy Director, and FEMA General Counsel with such perfection that no one suspected that his only emergency management experience involved the timely application of a condom, a popsicle stick, and a double dose of Viagra.

Additionally, we request that you select the harlot, Jeff Gannon, to play the role of his assistant, Sir Oral Pleasures, OBE.

Finally, we urge you to employ Karl Rove to work closely with your publicity team. He will ensure that the identity of the actor playing Secret Agent 007 is leaked to the American media in a manner that will guarantee the greatest amount of media play.

monday morning reads

Eileen McNamara on Selective Compassion.

Digby on the racism that has been flooding from the right in their attempt to cover Miserable Failure's ass.

Newsweek on How Bush Blew It.

Krugman on All the Preznit's Friends.