Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Twilight Sad

The Twilight Sad
James Graham (vocals)
Andy MacFarlane (guitar/accordion/noise)
Craig Orzel (bass)
Mark Devine (drums)

The Twilight Sad - Emo's Annex

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

my sxsw schedule

Wednesday, March 14

The Twilight Sad (2:30pm) - Emo's Annex
Office (3:15pm) - Emo's inside
James McMurtry (5:05pm) - Guitartown/Conqueroo present Kickoff 2007 Mother Eagan's
Uncle Monk (with Tommy Ramone, 5:45pm)
The Silos (6:25pm)
The Summer Wardrobe (7:05pm)
Patty Hurst Shifter (7:45pm)
Peter Case (8:30pm)
10:00pm - ?

Thursday, March 15

Texas Rollergirls (noon) - Urbanism Live 2nd and Lavaca
Foundry Field Recordings (12:30pm)
Be/Non (1:30pm)
Call Me Poupee (2:30pm)
Lesbians on Ecstasy (5:30pm) - 2nd and Lavaca
DJ Orion vs. Phatts McNatt vs. Texas Rollergirls (6:30pm)
The Lovemakers (8pm) - Mike Galaxy presents 8th annual day party at Guero's Taco Bar
The Heights (9pm)
Bonde do Role (10:30pm) - Panjea SXSW Blowout at Barcelona (209 E. 6th St.)
Peaches with Greg Kurstin (11pm)
Crash Berlin (midnight)
Crystal Castles (12:30am)
Shout Out Out Out Out (1am)
Guns and Bombs (1:30am)
2:00am - ?

Friday, March 16

Do Make Say Think (noon) - Pitchfork and the Windish Agency party at Emo's (outside stage)
The Pipettes (12:45pm)
The Ponys (1:30pm)
Land of Talk - DIW Magazine party at Emo's Lounge
The Twilight Sad
Besnard Lakes
The Hoodoo Gurus (6:15pm) - Pop Culture Press party at Dog & Duck Pub
The Saints (7pm)
Au Revoir Simone (10pm) - Todd P presents at Mrs. Bea's (1104 E. 6th St.)
Lo-Fi-Fnk (10:30pm)
Tilly and the Wall (11pm)
Architecture in Helsinki (11:30pm)
12:00am - ?

Saturday, March 17

Fuck by Fuck You #9 at the Typewriter Museum (1306 E. 6th) 1pm - ?
Reverend Peyton and His Big Damn Band (Indiana), Totimoshi (Oakland, CA), Black Elk (Portland, OR), The Snake Trap, Gorch Fock, Attack Formation, La Mancha, Lebanon (Tel Aviv, Israel), MC Trachiotomy (New Orleans, LA), Monotonics (Tel Aviv, Israel), Lozen (Olympia, WA), Imperial Battlesnake (Chicago, IL), Portals (Portland, OR), Shellshag (Brooklyn, NY), Insect Sex Act, Green Milk from the Planet Orange (Japan), The Chumps, 50 Kaitens (Japan), Asakusa Jinta (Japan)

Sunady, March 18

Must. Get. Sleep.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Forbes 4,000,000,000

Tony Hendra

Once again it's that time of year when Forbes reminds us that over the last 12 months the poor got poorer and the rich much, much richer! The total collective net worth (real property, liquid assets, stocks, jewelry, artwork, slaves) of the world's 946 billionaires, was way up over 2006 for a grand total of $3.5 ter-illion!

Way to go, robber barons and baronesses!

Amusingly the total collective net worth (see above) of the world's four billion poorest plunged for the twentieth year running, to an all-time low of just under 35 bucks! For you Eng-Lit majors that's a barely measurable one-hundred-billionth of what the big guys have stashed in Monaco, Geneva and Grand Cayman. Surging oil prices, protectionist G8 food and cotton subsidies, over-fishing by global fleets, privatization of local water supplies, environmental die-offs of crops, animals and marine life due to climate change, all combined to widen the global income-gap to historic proportions! Break out the Cristal, you red-suspender hedge-funders!