Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Digby on the debate


Edwards was excellent as I knew he would be. Articulate, engaging and smart. If anybody had the mistaken idea that they could Quayle this guy, he certainly proved them wrong tonight.

But I think Cheney may have set a record for how many times a candidate can outright, baldfacedly lie in an hour and a half on national television. And that's saying something. He and Junior really are living in some sort of dreamworld where they apparently don't have to worry that their every previous public statement is noted and available for the whole world to see. Here on planet earth we have google and lexis-nexis and we can dig up all the examples of when they said things they claim they didn't say.

As for the whores, I have to give extra special kudos to Joe Scarborough for the biggest slurpy Cheney blowjobs of the night, although it was difficult to choose from among his colleagues. But apparently, somebody put a horses head in Joey's bed after his little "mistake" in calling the debate for Kerry last week because he really went the extra mile tonight.

The biggest loser was Gwen Ifil. What an unmitigated disaster. But then, that's no surprise. She has single handedly turned the previously great Washington Week In Review into DiGrassi Junior High, so I wasn't particularly optimistic that she could moderate a debate. And she was probably up late last night talking to Condi, her best friend, about Condi's unrequited love affair with you know who, so she was probably exhausted.

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