Tuesday, February 17, 2009

tuesday reads

Many Austin police officers are stating to buy suspension insurance.

John Yoo in deep doo doo?

A key line in George W. Bush’s defense against war crimes charges has weakened with the disclosure that an internal Justice Department watchdog has concluded that the legal advice, which cleared the way for Bush’s policies on torture and other abuse of detainees, was tainted by political influence.

An investigation by H. Marshall Jarrett, head of the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility, reached “damning” conclusions about numerous cases of “misconduct” in the advice from John Yoo and other lawyers in the Office of Legal Counsel during the Bush administration, according to legal sources familiar with the report’s contents.

Tomgram: Nobody Knows How Dry We Are

The Rude One on The National Review's *snicker* "The Best Conservative Movies of the Last 25 Years".

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