Thursday, August 16, 2007

The right wingers primary

The Political Compass - US Primarys 2007

In response to many requests - and not only from the US - here are most of the prominent names to date in the primaries. If your favourite is not yet included, please remember that we'll be adding others along the way. We'll also be charting the presidential candidates for all the parties when the race begins.

Please keep in mind that The Political Compass is a universal tool, reflecting the full spectrum of political thought, and applicable to all democracies. US politics are generally fought within a more confined space. While in mainstream America, Clinton, for example, may be seen as left leaning, in the overall political landscape, she is a moderate conservative. Someone like Kucinich, while seen by his severest opponents as an extreme left winger, would qualify as a typical social democrat in a European context.

My score of -8.50, -6.41 severely limits my choice of candidates.

Via Blast Off!. First seen at Crooks and Liars.

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