Friday, August 17, 2007

friday random ten

Photo by Ryan McManus


"Apathy Disease" - The Ex [All Corpses Smell the Same]

"N.I.T.A." - Young Marble Giants [Colossal Youth]

"Pay Your Rates" - The Fall [Grotesque (After the Gramme)]

"Whatever Happens Next..." - Swell Maps [...In "Jane From Occupied Europe"]

"The Passenger" - Wall of Voodoo [Wall of Voodoo]

"Marble Station" - Sort Sol [Under En Sort Sol]

"Death Rehearsal" - Toy Love [Toy Love]

"Kray Twins" - The Mo-dettes [The Story So Far]

"Discord" - Fire Engines [Lubricate Your Living Room]

"On the Beach" - Comsat Angels [Waiting For a Miracle]


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