Friday, January 16, 2009

friday reads

Dan Froomkin on Preznit bu$h's legacy:

He took the nation to a war of choice under false pretenses -- and left troops in harm's way on two fields of battle. He embraced torture as an interrogation tactic and turned the world's champion of human dignity into an outlaw nation and international pariah. He watched with detachment as a major American city went under water. He was ostensibly at the helm as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression took hold. He went from being the most popular to the most disappointing president, having squandered a unique opportunity to unite the country and even the world behind a shared agenda after Sept. 11. He set a new precedent for avoiding the general public in favor of screened audiences and seemed to occupy an alternate reality. He took his own political party from seeming permanent majority status to where it is today. And he deliberately politicized the federal government, circumvented the traditional policymaking process, ignored expert advice and suppressed dissent, leaving behind a broken government.

Paul Krugman: Forgive and Forget?

Glenn Greenwald: Today's FISA ruling: a case study in 8 years of lying and ignorance

Nick Turse: Future Shock at the Army Science Conference

Charles Barkley finally gets that blowjob

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