Wednesday, October 15, 2008

wednesday reads

Mark Benjamin: Friendly fire in Iraq -- and a coverup

POGO has just updated their Federal Contractor Misconduct Database

The massive purge of voters has begun in Ohio.

Brad Friedman: The Republican voter fraud hoax

Juan Cole: The Great Reagan Pyramid Scheme Comes Crashing Down


"The fuck with success," said Saviano. "I want a life. I want a home. I want to fall in love. I want to [be able to] drink a beer in public, go to a bookshop and choose a book after browsing the back cover. I want to go for a walk, enjoy the sun, walk in the rain and see my mother without fear - and without frightening her - I'm only 28 year old, for fuck's sake."
--Roberto Saviano

Whee! Digital sand.

HOWTO: Fake An Orgasm

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