Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wednesday reads

Elizabeth de la Vega: Our National Water Policy…Oh, Wait, We Don't Have One

Numerian: Who is Really to Blame for the Financial Crisis?

Yes. A new Church Committee-style investigation would be nice.

Movable Border Wall and Clown Cars

The Secure Border Fence Act passed in 2006, but the Department of Homeland Security only just realized that the homeland has an international water treaty with Mexico that prohibits the building of fences in the Rio Grande Valley’s floodplain.

DHS’ solution? A movable fence, of course. Can’t wait to see which private company gets the fat contract to move the fence before major flooding events. The more I read, the more I expect a Volkswagen to pull up with 17 clowns and Michael Chertoff crammed inside. Would anyone be surprised?

David Zirin: COINTELPRO Comes to My Town

Preznit bu$h to Divorce over Drunkensess and Infidelity

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