Tuesday, July 15, 2008

tuesday reads

Foreign mercenaries have joined so-called "war veterans" and militiamen attacking opposition supporters in rural parts of Zimbabwe, human rights workers have confirmed.

Russell Carollo continues his series on 'suspect soldiers' for McClatchy.

Dr. Yasser Salihee was working for Knight Ridder Newspapers in Iraq when an American sniper shot and killed him on June 24, 2005. The Army's investigation absolved the shooter and blamed Salihee. But the investigator was never told that Sgt. Joseph J. Romero was under investigation for drug trafficking, and that three weeks after the Salihee killing those allegations would lead to his being stripped of his sniper rifle and barred from further missions

Fifteen Italian police officers and doctors sentenced to jail for brutally mistreating detainees after the 2001 G8 riots in Genoa were today celebrating their freedom after it became clear none of them would actually serve prison terms.

Jon Swift on The Obama New Yorker Cover.

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