Saturday, June 28, 2008

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"I refuse to vote," said Blessed Manyonga in Chitungwiza. "If they ask me I will say I lost my identity card. I will not vote for my own oppression."

Conyers Issues Subpoena to DOJ for Valerie Plame Documents

State Department auditing Blackwater contract

Foreclosere Mix Up
A Nigerian couple who immigrated to Austin a decade ago thought they had finally made it in America. On May 7, they closed on their first home in the States, buying a $283,000 Cedar Park house that had been headed for foreclosure.

It seemed like a good deal to Bobo and Joy Dickson. They did everything right, they thought. They got a mortgage lender, signed the papers, had the title put in their name .

But on May 14, they came home from work at their janitorial services company to find that all their furniture, family heirlooms, personal photos, clothes, even their daughter's piggybank, had disappeared.

After filing a theft report with the Cedar Park Police Department, the Dicksons were given the news. In a mix-up over whether the home was still facing foreclosure, Field Asset Services was hired to drill open the doors and seize the belongings.

Texas Medical Association rescinds endorsement of Sen. Cornyn (R-Box Turtle).

Republican Family Values

Today Now!: How To Pretend You Give a Shit About the Election

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