Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Austin - Police State

Austin American-Statesman

Austin police spending per capita grew 84 percent during a nine-year period that ended in 2006, while expenses in six other departments, including Dallas and San Antonio, increased 34 percent at most, according to information compiled by the city auditor's office.

Austin police expenses also were more than two times higher than the other cities' from 1997 to 2006, the draft public safety report said.


[Police Chief Fearmonger Art Acevedo]
"It is clear that this administration treats the organization as a businesses, and as such, we strive to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and attempt to keep costs at a minimum," Acevedo said.

"The reality is, can you put a price tag on public safety?"

Grits for Breakfast answers: " Well of course you can, sir! It's called "your budget."

On a related note, APD "needs" a third helicopter and more surveillance cameras.

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