Sunday, May 25, 2008

sunday reads

Glenn Greenwald: How Telecoms Are Attempting to Buy Amnesty From Congress

Street battles raged in Naples yesterday between police and protesters opposed to a new rubbish dump only days after Silvio Berlusconi set down a new hard line on a garbage crisis that has left piles of rotting rubbish on many city street corners.

Dave Neiwert - The Immigration Raids: Harbinger Of A Police State?

Austin Cline - Blood & Roots, Blut & Boden: American Racism Rearing Its Ugly Head

In a major victory for consumers' rights, a federal district judge has firmly rejected software vendor AutoDesk's claim that its license agreement restricts its customers from re-selling the software they lawfully owned.

Debunking The Faulty Premises Of The Pirate Bay-Criminalization Treaty

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