Monday, May 12, 2008

monday reads

Glenn Greenwald - How the military analyst program controlled news coverage: in the Pentagon's own words.

Survivors of the tropical cyclone that swept across Myanmar nine days ago gathered in camps to wait for emergency supplies, as international aid began reaching the worst-affected areas.

A powerful earthquake hits Western China and tornadoes killed at least 21 people and injured hundreds as they ripped through the central and southeastern United States over the weekend, destroying homes, overturning cars and downing trees and power lines.

Christy Hardin Smith: The Betrayal Of American Values

Craft Brewers Reformulate Beer to Cope With Hop Shortage

Yesterday, May 11, was when the Real ID Act, signed into law three years ago to the day, was due to kick in.

Unless more funding and effort are put into saving the nation’s infrastructure, it will continue to crumble, say experts. An estimated $1.5 trillion over the next five years could be needed to avoid large-scale disaster.

Read an excerpt from Rick Perlstien's Nixonland.

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