Wednesday, January 16, 2008

wednesday reads

A roadside bomb tore through a Sri Lankan bus killing 26 people and wounding dozens on Wednesday, officials said, as a six-year ceasefire between the government and Tamil Tiger rebels formally expires.

FDA: Don't Ask, Don't tell on Cloned Meat

After four years of deliberation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced today that meat from cloned animals and their offspring is safe to eat.

But despite public unease and lingering scientific uncertainty, the FDA won't require such meat to be labeled or tracked.

Why is it that George W. Bush gets only a 12 percent favorability rating in Saudi Arabia?

Justice Department officials have told Congress that they face serious legal difficulties in pursuing criminal prosecutions of Blackwater security guards involved in a September shooting that left at least 17 Iraqis dead.

Activists battle to save New Orleans public housing.

Ayatollah Huckabee Condemns US Constitution with new Fatwa

Unconstitutional Acts to protect the Preznit from Protesters

Did Columbus and his men introduce the syphilis pathogen into Renaissance Europe after contracting it during their voyage to the New World?

The Future of Ideas is now Free

Facebook's growing dominance reflects a society that is increasingly complacent with spying.

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