Wednesday, December 05, 2007

wednesday reads

The risks of food riots and malnutrition will surge in the next two years as the global supply of grain comes under more pressure than at any time in 50 years, according to one of the world's leading agricultural researchers.

Barbara Ehrenreich: McMansions Meet the Morgage Crisis

According to internal State Department cables obtained by TPMmuckraker, the State Department has slated two Diplomatic Security officials who oversee private-security contractors guarding U.S. diplomats in Iraq and Afghanistan for salary bonuses. The optional bonuses, called Senior Foreign Service Performance Pay Awards, come months after administrative investigations have raised questions about the propriety of State's relationship with security contractors like Blackwater.

Pentagon Appears Poised to Resume Open-Air Testing of Biological Weapons

Passport Canada says that a security breach in its passport application website that allowed easy access to the personal information of applicants has been repaired.

Young Professor Makes Lab-on-a-Chip with Shrinky Dink and Toaster Oven

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