Monday, December 17, 2007

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Dodd, FISA and the Filibuster — How It’s Going To Go Down and What You Can Do
Electronic Frontier Foundation Action Alert
Letter submitted for Dodd's filibuster

British leave behind murder and chaos in Basra.

Turkey yesterday launched the biggest attack on Iraq since the US invasion in 2003, sending more than 50 warplanes to bomb suspected Kurdish insurgent bases inside Iraqi territory,

A Political Prisoner in the First World

Paris police tear down tents for the homeless

An attempt to build a Christmas encampment for the homeless on the banks of the river Seine was swept away by police before the startled eyes of tourists at the weekend.

A homelessness action group, which generated worldwide attention a year ago by pitching an encampment of red tents in the centre of Paris, attempted an even more spectacular coup on Saturday morning.

Scores of red, "two second", all-terrain tents were erected along the quays of the left bank of the Seine opposite the Notre Dame cathedral. As tourists looked on, police moved in en masse – using tear gas at one stage – to sweep away the homeless people and their supporters.

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