Sunday, August 26, 2007

Preznit to stage photo op in NOLA for Katrina anniversary

Preznit plans to mark Katrina anniversary

President Bush will be in New Orleans on Wednesday to observe the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the White House has announced.

Some reactions in the Times Picayuane:

Well this news just made my whole day complete, aaaarrrrggggg! Why don't we all just line the streets with our beloved Amercan flag turned upside down in the international sign of DISTRESS!

Honeslty, that last thing the people of this city need, with all the frustration of this rebuilding is for W to tie up traffic for hours so that he can have a photo op in some secret location with some probably bussed in supporters...perhaps I'm cynical.

Be sure to read Digby's articles Katrina: Slow As Molasses and Katrina: "It's The Blacks" over at the Big Con.

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