Sunday, August 19, 2007

Heartland Havoc: Day Two Results

WFTDA Eastern Regionals

Windy City 94 - Madison 63

Detroit 99 - Minnesota 77

Gotham 139 - Philly 81

Carolina 98 - Providence 55

Hurt Reynolds:

Yesterday's quarterfinal matchups blew the doors right off Battelle Hall, as the top two seeds were each eliminated in their first bouts. Today, all bets are off. I can't get anybody to make any predictions. The quality of play is very high, and all the teams have *heart* turned up to 11. I'm gonna say something right now to the WFTDA West Region's Texas Shootout qualifiers: don't get too comfortable. If you don't believe me, ask Minnesota and Madison. Western dominance should no longer be assumed... the final four from the East are playing to win.

Heartland Havoc live blogging

Today's schedule (all times Eastern):

11:00am Semifinal 1: (t7) Windy City Rollers vs. (t3) Carolina Rollergirls
UPDATE: Windy City 104 - Carolina 55

1:30pm Semifinal 2: (t9) Detroit Derby Girls vs. (t5) Gotham Girls Roller Derby
UPDATE 2: Gotham 157 - Detroit 56

4:00pm Grudge Match: Semifinal losers compete for 3rd and 4th seeds into nationals

6:30pm Finals: Semifinal winners compete for 1st and 2nd seeds into nationals.

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