Wednesday, July 25, 2007

wednesday reads

Heading toward a separation-of-powers showdown, House Democrats prepared contempt of Congress citations against two White House aides who have refused to comply with subpoenas for information on the abrupt firings of federal prosecutors.

Gonzales Contradicts Prior Statements, Confirms Existence Of Other Spying Programs

Juan Cole - Bush's incompetence gives al-Qaida new life

The Bush administration's strategy for pursuing al-Qaida in Pakistan's tribal region could stoke support for the Islamic militants who are protecting the terrorist network's leaders and battling Pakistan's U.S.-backed military regime, some U.S. diplomatic and defense officials and experts warn.

Jon Stewart struggles to find 'experts' in Bush administration

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Paul Allen said...

FYI - The Osama Bin Laden tape that Cole references is a FAKE - Rather, it's from 2001.

Don't believe everything that's written.