Friday, April 13, 2007

friday random ten

Photo by Ryan McManus

Covers Edition

1. "Lucky Star"
Madonna - Madonna
Madonna [Madonna (1983)]
Half Japanese - The Band That Would Be King
Half Japanese [The Band Who Would Be King (1989)]

2. "Shimmer"
Jarboe - Sacrificial Cake
Jarboe [Sacrificial Cake (1995)]
Throwing Muses - University
Throwing Muses [University (1995)]

3. "Car Song"
Madder Rose - Panic On
Madder Rose [Panic On (1994)]
Elastica - Elastica
Elastica [Elastica (1995)]

4. "Red"
Mission of Burma - Signals, Calls and Marches
Mission Of Burma [Signals, Calls, and Marches (1981)]
Okkervil River - Don't Fall in Love With Everyone You See
Okkervil River [Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See (2002)]

5. "Black"
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Munki
The Jesus and Mary Chain [Munki (1998)]
Okkervil River - Black Sheep Boy
Okkervil River [Black Sheep Boy (2005)]

6. "Rollercoaster"
The Jesus and Mary Chain - Rollercoaster
The Jesus and Mary Chain [Rollercoaster EP (1990)]
M. Ward - Post-War
M. Ward [Post-War (2006)]

7. "Glider"
My Bloody Valentine - Glider
My Bloody Valentine [Glider EP (1990)]
Smoosh - Free To Stay
Smoosh [Free To Stay (2006)]

8. "Girl Talk"
Standing Waves
Standing Waves [Live at the Armadillo (1979)]
Plan 9 - Sea Hunt
Plan 9 [Sea Hunt (1989)]

9. "Love Song"
Au Pairs - Playing With a Different Sex
Au Pairs [Playing With a Different Sex (1981)]
Tilly and the Wall - Bottoms of Barrels
Tilly and the Wall [Bottoms of Barrels (2006)]

10. "Safari"
The Breeders - Safari
The Breeders [Safari EP (1992)]
Holy Fuck - Holy Fuck
Holy Fuck [Holy Fuck EP (2007)]

Bonus #11. "Flowers (live)"
The Clean [In a Live (1989)]
Galaxie 500 [Melody Maker "Gigantic 2" (1990)]


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