Friday, April 06, 2007

friday random ten

Photo by Ryan McManus

Teenage Fanclub Edition

"Teenage Riot" (Sonic Youth cover) - Ruby Isle [Into the Black]

"Teenage Hit Wonder" - You Say Party! We Say Die! [Lose All the Time]

"Teenage Heartbreak" - Sorrows [Teenage Heartbreak]

"Teenage Oddball" - The Sweethearts [SXSW 2005]

"Teenage Lust!" - Times New Viking [Present the Paisley Reich]

"Teenage Caveman" - Beat Happening [You Turn Me On]

"Teenage Frankenstein" - Lazy Cowgirls [How It Looks-How It Is]

"Teenage Suicide" - The Left [Jesus Loves The Left]

"96 Teenage Bondage" - Boredoms [Super Roots]

"Teenage Kicks" (Undertones cover) - Dominique A and Francoiz Breut [Le detour (Disque 3)]

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