Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some of my SXSW 2007 favorites

The Affair (Brooklyn, NY)
Started out slowly but they won me over in the end. Kali Holloway is Debbie Harry's understudy.

The Twilight Sad (Glassgow, Scotland)
Wow. This young band is going places.

Honeycut (San Francisco, CA)
Glam funk to move your ass.

Holy Shit! (Milwaukee, WI)
Holy shit! (maybe it was all the booze...)

The Lovemakers (San Francisco, CA)
Shake that ass.

The Twilight Sad
Had to see them again...

120 Days (Kristiansund, Norway)
Effects pedals outnumbered band members 10-1.

Ra Ra Riot (Syracuse, NY)
I'm a sucker for a hot cellist.

Calla (Brooklyn, NY)
Good to see this band again. Digging their new album.

Jay Reatard (Memphis, TN)

Overnight Lows (Jackson, MS)
Fun punk band to drink with.

Bob Mould (Washington, DC)
Bob Mould.

The Early Years (London, UK)
I've been wanting to see this band for a while. They did not disappoint.

Frog Eyes (Victoria, BC)
Another band I've wanted to see. Strange is good.

The Ponys (Chicago, IL)
One of my favorite live bands.

Asobi Seksu (Brooklyn, NY)
Another one of my favorite live bands. Outside. Daytime. I could actually see Yuki. *sigh*

The Screening (Leicester, UK)
A very pleasant discovery.

The Creteens (Paris, France)
SXSW Sunday. Bloody Marys and The Creteens brought me back to life.

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