Monday, February 05, 2007

Heck of a job FEMA

Texarkana Gazette

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has more than 8,500 trailers stockpiled in Hope, Ark. These trailers, originally intended for housing for those displaced by Hurricane Katrina, are just sitting there, going to waste.

FEMA can sell or donate the trailers to federal, state or local governments or nonprofit agencies. Or FEMA can just let them sit in Hope.

The Southwest Arkansas Domestic Violence Center in De Queen would like to take a few of the trailers off FEMA’s hands.

The agency is part of a five-county coalition of state, county and private nonprofit agencies that provide housing for those in need. The trailers could serve as transitional housing for battered women and their children as they leave abusive relationships, as well as others who face homelessness.

The Domestic Violence Center requested five trailers from FEMA. A very modest request indeed. Just five trailers out of more than 8,500 stored in Hope.

FEMA said no.

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