Saturday, May 13, 2006

Course Number: 2085.901

Roller Derby Appreciation

Curious about the modern roller derby revival that began in Austin and has spread to every major U.S. city? Ever wonder what those ladies are doing out there, and how the game is played? In this course you will spend an afternoon with skaters from the Texas Rollergirls and learn how this group of Austin-based women modernized roller derby and created the sport of Flat Track Derby now sweeping the nation. Find out more about the modern day derby revival, standardized rules of the game, strategies and plays, and how players get sent to the penalty box. Learn to watch, understand, and appreciate the energetic full-contact sporting event that is Flat Track Derby. For the ladies, you will also learn about athletic skills you can develop if you're interested in becoming a rollergirl. Course consists of classroom instruction and game viewing, followed by a private, live demonstration. You will also receive a ticket to one of the Rollergirls Flat Track Derby upcoming bouts. A portion of this class will be held outdoors; please dress appropriately. The Texas Rollergirls are founders of Flat Track Derby and the reigning National Flat Track Derby Champions. (1 meeting)

Course Number: 2085.901
Dates: Sa, June 17
Time: 1:00 – 4:00pm

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