Tuesday, February 21, 2006

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the Toronto Terrors

"We are a mix of punks trying to make our way in the world," says Tina Gravelson — a.k.a. Tina Sixx — a member of the newly formed roller derby team, the Toronto Terrors.

The 1950s were roller derby's glory years before it went out of style in the '70s. It enjoyed a slight comeback in the '90s, often billed as Roller Jam. But it didn't take off the way it has today.

The sport is enjoying yet another revival in North America, with more than 40 leagues in U.S. cities. Close by, there's New York's Gotham Girls Roller Derby league with teams like the Brooklyn Bombshells, Manhattan Mayhem and Queens of Pain.

Now teams are springing up across Canada, in places like Barrie, Hamilton, Windsor, Ottawa, Sudbury, as well as the Terminal City Roller Girls in Vancouver.

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