Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Philly Roller Girls

Philly Roller Girls prepare for an exhibition bout on February 12th.

I watched as practice moved on from stretching to drills -- endurance drills, blocking drills and whipping drills -- and was followed by a scrimmage.

As they were racing around the rink, hitting each other and sending girls to the ground (giving me the mayhem that I was hoping for) the injured Derby Sanchez and Gori Amos gave me the roller derby rundown.

Derby Sanchez is recovering from a lingering ankle injury from an October practice. Gori Amos has a bum knee from a roller skating accident that did not happen during roller derby. Putting on their skates after a few beverages to entertain their friends is not unheard of. Gori Amos was at a roller skating party, lost her balance and fell just like she was trained too. The only problem was that since she wasn't at roller derby practice, she didn't have those trusty kneepads on. Whoops.

Suddenly I heard a clashing of helmets and elbow pads above the roar of rolling roller skates and one of the girls went skidding across the floor.

All I could hear was the squeaking sound of bare skin sliding across the wooden floor. Ouch.

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