Monday, December 05, 2005

'Murkans will love this movie

'Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion'

Over the years, others have had uneasy doubts about the Narnian brand of Christianity. Christ should surely be no lion (let alone with the orotund voice of Liam Neeson). He was the lamb, representing the meek of the earth, weak, poor and refusing to fight. Philip Pullman - he of the marvellously secular trilogy His Dark Materials - has called Narnia "one of the most ugly, poisonous things I have ever read".

Why? Because here in Narnia is the perfect Republican, muscular Christianity for America - that warped, distorted neo-fascist strain that thinks might is proof of right. I once heard the famous preacher Norman Vincent Peel in New York expound a sermon that reassured his wealthy congregation that they were made rich by God because they deserved it. The godly will reap earthly reward because God is on the side of the strong. This appears to be CS Lewis's view, too. In the battle at the end of the film, visually a great epic treat, the child crusaders are crowned kings and queens for no particular reason. Intellectually, the poor do not inherit Lewis's earth.

Does any of this matter? Not really. Most children will never notice. But adults who wince at the worst elements of Christian belief may need a sickbag handy for the most religiose scenes...


Chris said...

This is going to sound wierd. We were making jokes in the car and said the phrase/word Cuddlefish and decide that we want to name our Band that. I get home and type it into google, and this is the first page. Do you mind if we use your blog title as our name?

I actually like a lot of your blog as well. We are quite similar politically.


cuddlefish said...

Glad that you enjoyed the blog.

There was a band useing the name Cuddlefish from Melbourne. It looks like they broke up in 1997. I got my name "Cliffy the Cuddlefish" years ago as a TunaHelper helper. Go for it!