Friday, August 05, 2005

Rollerball 2005 Awards

The winners of the Lonestar Rollergirls Rollerball 2005 Awards have been announced.

Most Team Spirit: La Muerta, Queen of the Putas
Most Improved: Sweetie Switchblade, Hellcats
Best Bruise: Helena Handbasket, Holy Rollers
Best Sponsor: Independence Brewery
Big Gunns (Best Biceps): Mau Mau, Hellcats
Crowd Favorite: Chola, Putas Del Fuego
Most Dedicated: Chola, Putas Del Fuego
J-Lo (Best Booty): Catalac, Hellcats
Velveta Queen (Cheesiest): Cheapskate, Hellcats
Bets Tattoo: Varuca Assault, Cherry Bombs
Best Man of the Derby: Sol
Best Rookie: Venis Envy, Putas Del Fuego
Most Feared: Cherry Chainsaw, Cherry Bombs
Best Band: Boom Box
Best Fight: Chola (Putas)/Luna (Hellcats)
Best Production Person: Ayman
Golden Tickets: Holly Peno, Putas Del Fuego
Best Fan: Chola's family
Best Take Out: Lux, Rhinestone Cowgirls
Get a Room Award: Frankie/Lux
Drama Queen: Luna, Hellcats
Best Non-Derby Performance: Cheapskate dances on local access tv
15 min. ham: Cheapskate, Hellcats
Best Blocker: Hell's Belle, Putas Del Fuego
Best Pivot: Witch Baby, Rhinestone Cowgirls
Best Jammer: Chola, Putas Del Fuego
Purple Heart: Cherry Chainsaw, Cherry Bombs
MVP: Gun Smoka, Rhinestone Cowgirls

The Lonestar Rollergirls have also released their new season schedule starting this Fall.
All bouts will be held on Sunday nights with doors opening at 6 pm.

Sept. 25, 2005 (exhibition bout)
Oct. 9. 2005 (exhibition bout)
Oct. 30, 2005 (exhibition bout)
Nov. 20, 2005 (start of regular season)
Dec. 4, 2005
Dec. 18, 2005
Jan. 8, 2006
Jan. 22, 2006
Feb. 5, 2006
Feb. 19, 2006
March 5, 2006
March 19, 2006
April 2, 2006
April 16, 2006
April 30, 2006
May 14, 2006
May 28, 2006
June 11, 2006

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