Tuesday, March 08, 2005

VICE Squad 141, Iron Curtain 82

The girls from the flat track Tucson Roller Derby skated their second bout of the season this past Saturday in Tucson.

Final score: VICE Squad 141, Iron Curtain 82

Iron Curtain:
Doris Badenov 39 pts, 14 jams, 2.79 pts/jam; 5 penalties
The Hammer 6 penalties
Berlin Wall 12 pts, 3 jams, 4 pts/jam; 17 penalties
Cher Noble 5 penalties
Anna Kareena 3 penalties
Knuckle Sandovich 0 pts, 3 jams, 0 pts/jam; 10 penalties
Vodka Tonic 31 pts, 11 jams; 2.82 pts/jam; 5 penalties

VICE Squad:
Whiskey Mick 11 pts, 3 jams, 3.67 pts/jam; 19 penalties
Kamanda 17 pts, 5 jams, 3.4 pts/jam; 9 penalties
Barbicide 4 pts, 1 jam, 4 pts/jam; 17 penalties
Penny Tencherry 78 pts, 16 jams, 4.88 pts/jam; 4 penalties
Dirty Teri 32 pts, 6 jams, 5.33 pts/jam; 2 penalties
Hard Anya 15 penalties
Carrie Guns 11 penalties

The VICE Squad unleashed utter police brutality upon the Iron Curtain Saturday, beating them by a whoppin'59 points. Despite the huge point gap between the teams, the bout was highly charged and nearly totally out of control with numerous jammer takedowns and vicious fights.

The Captain of the Iron Curtain, Knuckles Sandovich, sustained a cut when she slid into our photographer's knee -- eye first, and had to receive 10 stitches after the bout, but after being treated by our quick responding trackside EMT, she was up and ready to pivot as soon as he stopped the bleeding.

Whiskey Mick, Captain of the VICE Squad also needed trackside medical attention after taking a wristguard to the eye, knocking out her contact, and scratching her eyeball. After quick treatment from the EMT, she was up and in the next jam.

The next bout promises to be extremely charged with the VICE Squad rematch against the FTW on April 16th, with live music from San Francisco's Hammerlock.

Please see the Tucson Roller Derby website for more info.

stats and comments provided by Kim Sin

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